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Whether you are a regular or novice Internet user, at some point or another, the question as to what is my IP or what is my IP address must have bogged down your mind. Both are the same questions regarding your IP information. Let us explore to solve the quarries of your mind and find out the answers about what is my IP address, which can be internal as well as external connotations. To begin with we can focus on the term IP address and find out what Wikipedia says about the term. Wikipedia explains the IP address as the numerical labels denoting an Internet protocol address which is assigned to any device connected to a computer network. Simply speaking, an IP address is required for every device that is connected to a network in order to recognize each other and communicate.

Every devise such as laptop, printers, mobile phone, iPad or Google's tablets when connected through a network require an IP address. It is just like the phone numbers that are used over the Internet. You can send and receive information to these numerical labels assigned to particular devices. The IP address is universally assigned to every device that is connected to a network, whether it’s at home, work or mobile network. You must have a very clear idea as to which IP address you are looking for when you search as to what is my IP. You need to know whether you want to access the IP address of your computer or the mobile phone that you connected to the network. It may be possible that you need to know the IP assigned to your newly purchased printer that you connected to your network and want to properly configure it. There can be a number of methods for getting this information, which specifically depends upon the device you are addressing.

What Is My IP on a Laptop or Desktop computer?

When you are seeking the answer for your question as to what is my IP on a Laptop or desktop computer, most probably you are looking at the information for your external IP address that other devices connected to the network see when you interact with them. You can very easily find My IP by just looking at the title, what is my IP? You can set the as your homepage on your iPad, Smart phones, tablets and computers.

What Is My IP on a mobile phone like the iPhone or Android?

You can still find the IP address associated with your mobile devices, but it can be a bit tricky. You can simply visit the App Store and download an application that will show the IP address assigned to your Smartphone. This is the IP address that other devices see when you communicate over the network. Every website is not optimized for mobile web visitors and to avoid incontinence you should visit the website and install applications that correctly display your device’s IP address. You can visit our computer apps store to find most accurate answers for your question regarding what is my IP on any particular device and hope that above-mentioned approach will satisfy you for getting answers quickly for all your queries for What Is My IP. You can very easily find the IP address assigned to your device with any hassle and wastage of time in figuring out the confusing aspects by simply following the above-mentioned guidelines.